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    Welcome to GS Jobs 12th February 2006 

    Find out more about the company to whom you have applied:

    • Financial reports
    • Press cuttings
    • Talk to friends/employees
    • Talk to trade customers

    Ensure that your technical knowledge is up to date in relation to current legislation and developments. Try and cover areas likely to be the subject of questions in relation to the role in the company.

    Drive to the place of the interview one evening before the interview, firstly to time the journey, and secondly to pin-point the exact location. Find out where the nearest car park is situated.

    Practise your interview style by playing character roles at home with friends and family. Try and think of the type of questions likely to be asked and practise your model answer. In particular think of answers to likely difficult questions.

    Personal grooming – Dress in a manner unlikely to provoke comment – bow ties etc. Better to be sober and business-like than adventurous at this stage. Obviously well groomed hair, clean shoes etc are important.

    Try and remember what you wore to the first interview and not wear the same outfit if invited back for a second.

    Always carry a briefcase even if it is empty – it makes you look more purposeful upon arrival and is more manageable when papers/brochures are offered to you mid-way through the interview. You can carry these papers around the company premises without incident.

    Take a copy of your CV to the interview even if it has already been posted to the company.

    Ensure your pen is full of ink – often interviewees are presented with blank application forms to complete – be swift over its completion. Do not deliberate too long over essentially simple questions.

    Prepare a list of points in your own mind you would like discussed so you can raise them if they have not already been brought up in response to “Do you have any questions?”.